Total Duration: 1h

Suitable For: Teen boys & girls

Location: Hawthorn, VIC

Sleep is vital for health and wellbeing.


The National Sleep Foundation says "sleep is as vital as the air you breath, the water you drink and the food you eat".  It also has the added benefits of improving your performance at school and making it easier to get along with friends and family.


Unfortunately there are many factors that conspire against you getting enough sleep: teenage biological sleeping patterns, early co-curricular and school start times, hours of homework and the 24/7 nature of technology.


In this interactive workshop we will explore:


  • Societies current attitude to sleep and the sleep debt we are all accumulating.

  • The quality and quantity of your sleep. You will be asked to fill in a simple 7 day sleep diary prior to attending this workshop.

  • The human sleep cycle, the role of circadian rhythms in when we sleep and the unique nature of teenage sleeping pattern.

  • School performance and physical and mental health - how  it is compromised by sleep deprivation and enhanced by quality sleep.

  • Daytime and nighttime behaviours and ways of thinking that can improve your sleep. We will examine a) the ideal sleeping environment, b) what to do during the day, c) what to do and how to think before you go to bed, d) how to fall asleep and e) what to do and how to think if you wake up during the night.

  • How do you measure up? In light of this new information what commitments and plans can you make to improve your sleep quality and quantity.


Elise Conabere


Elise is a registered Psychologist who has worked in school settings for the past 25 years. She has a Masters in Counselling Psychology and has completed the two year Family Therapy course at Williams Road. Her Individual Counselling is informed by Person-Centred Therapy. Elise has always enjoyed the preventative and educative element of school counselling as an effective vehicle to positively impact the wellbeing of a large number of young people. Elise is looking forward to this workshop series, as is fills a much needed niche in the out of school program market. 

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