"The 'Eat Right' workshop game me some helpful skills on how to create a balanced meal and decipher labels."                                                                                           Teen 17 years

"I went to the 'Stress Free Me' workshop and learned a lot of interesting facts about the benefits of meditation and how I can meditate at home. I also liked learning about mindful eating and it gave me an awareness about being grateful for the food we have."      Teen 13 years             

Think Outside the Box Workshop

"My daughter loved the session last night. She had a blast and is looking forward to next week." 

Parent of Teen 14 years 

"I went to 'Think Outside the Box' and I really enjoyed playing drama games and just having some fun."

                                                                                                      Teen 13 years 

"I went to Think Outside the Box and it was a really fun and safe environment."        Teen 16 years 

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