Food & Nutrition

Total Duration: 1h

Suitable For: Teen boys & girls

Location: Hawthorn, VIC

Teens face increasing demands to make their own decisions from the clothes they wear, to music, friends, sports, hobbies and school subjects. Some are also facing choices about their health and bodies.Today nutrition is an area dominated by conflicting opinion, media and commercial programs. Help your teen take charge to make informed responsible choices in their own eating.

Topics that will be addressed:

  • How does the body works and how does it use food.

  • Why is breakfast important.

  • How to choose healthy foods and drinks.

  • How to read food labels.

  • What to eat when at school, studying for exams, writing exams, at sport and in down time.


Annabel Mackenzie

Dietitian &

Nutrition Consultant

  • Instagram - Black Circle

Annabel is an  experienced dietitian of over 18 years. She has practiced as a registered dietitian (RD) in Johannesburg, Cape Town, London and Prague, and as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Now based in Melbourne, Annabel works as an APD and nutrition consultant working in private practice consulting as a specialist in:

  • Gastroenterology - special interest in coeliac disease and gluten related disorders

  • Mental health - special interest in eating disorders

  • Endocrine issues - diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, weight fluctuations

  • Obstetrics - pre-conception, pregnancy, post partum

  • Food Allergies and intolerances

  • Sports Performance

  • General Health

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