Total Duration: 2hrs

Suitable For: Teen boys & girls

Location: Hawthorn, VIC

The personal safety program provides an innovative and powerful approach minimising risk for young people by increasing knowledge of physical strategies and techniques, confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness to assist in dealing with inappropriate, intimidating or aggressive behaviour.



The session includes the following essentials:


Assault prevention - The power of what we know

  • General personal safety review for in the street, home, school & social situations.

  • Assessment of risk in specific situations eg. public transport, parties, intimate situations.

  • Awareness, recognising early warning signs, developing a personal safety action plan.

  • Responding effectively to harassment, sexual assault, bullying, abusive and intimidating behaviour including issues arising from the use of the internet and mobile technology.

  • Application of verbal and nonverbal communication skills emphasising de-escalation & disengagement strategies.

  • Developmental and physical assertiveness and confidence to deal positively with fear, anger confusion and other negative feelings.

  • Understand the law and personal responsibility, rights and self defence.



Assault prevention - The physical aspect

  • Practical easy to learn physical techniques.

  • Maintaining or recovering balance and stability when being attacked, such as being pushed, pulled and trapped.

  • Learn how to strike or hurt an attacker, how to break free when grabbed by clothing, arms, the body and many other forms of physical attack.

  • Learn how to protect and escape from being hit, choked, hair grabs etc ... front & rear.

  • Learn physical defences if you are on the ground, against weapons and other dangerous situations. 



Catherine is a full time professional instructor and has 30 years experience teaching personal safety and self defence programs for the education, government, community and corporate sectors with specific expertise relating to personal safety for young people. Catherine's expert teaching of physical techniques draws on her 35 years of experience instructing and studying into the area of martial arts including traditional boxing, specialising in Aikido.


Catherine is the Head instructor and Founder of the Aiki-Centre, she holds the rank of 6th Dan awarded in 2013. In 1997 she was the first woman to be inducted into the Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame for her contribution to the martial arts industry and was awarded Aikido instructor of the Year in 2003.

         Catherine Schnell


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