Total Duration: 1.5h x 2 workshops

Suitable For: Teen boys & girls

Class Size: 15

Location: Hawthorn, VIC

This series of two workshops will immerse the participants in activities intended to develop confidence, explore creativity and practice collaboration. During these sessions, the focus would be on the students expressing their own ideas and interpretations of the content. This is where we have a chance to see events from a different perspective, develop connections with others and plenty of fun!


Drama is a fantastic tool to set people up with a sense of identity and strengthen their resilience. Your work is yours and there’s no right way to do it within a dramatic setting. This allows participants to enhance their curiosity about themselves and the world around them.


The sessions will cover the following areas:


  • Theatre games – each session would begin with a selection of theatre games to warm up. This is an opportunity for us to get to know one another, allowing the participants to feel comfortable to take risks and try new things. It would also help to bring focus to the group.


  • Character Development – participants will use their expressive skills (face, voice and body) to create characters quite different to their own person. This will be physically challenging and also encourage participants to experience the world from someone else’s perspective.


  • Role Play – a variety of stimuli (props, fabric, pictures, music, dialogue) will be used to generate ideas for role play. Participants will formulate these ideas into scenes with a clear narrative and structure.


  • Movement – movement is a fantastic way to tease out and then express an idea. Participants will be given opportunities to use their whole bodies to give meaning to their work.


I began my training in dancing, acting and singing at an early age, training and performing for all of my primary, secondary and university education.

I hold a Bachelor of Education majoring in Dance and Drama and am registered with the Victorian Institute of Teachers.

I was Director of Drama at Avila College and Ruyton Girls’ School before moving to Sydney to teach at Sydney Church of England Grammar School-Shore. On my return to Melbourne, I taught at Xavier College. 

Students under my tuition have achieved outstanding results with many being asked to perform at Top Class for VCE Drama and several going on to work in the Performing Arts. 

I created Dance and Drama Directions to deliver incursions in kindergartens and primary schools, assisting educators to meet learning outcomes for the children in their care, as well as providing Director/Choreographer services for secondary schools, running workshops, adjudicating Performing Arts Festivals and facilitating productions.

I feel so lucky to be working in this field and sharing my love of the performing arts with young people today. 

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